Our Dream Team

These are the faces behind the costumes of our professionally trained and amazing cast!  

Requests for specific performers will be taken into account, but no performer is guaranteed.


Lola, Co-Founder of If You Can Dream NYC, plays our Fairest Princess as well as other roles. You could most likely find her as one of our head assistants at your next party!


Erica plays our Latina Princess, Native Princess, and a Safari girl. She spends her time with her nose stuck in a book, or on an adventure to see the world.


Taylor plays our Royal Ball princess, Ice Queen, Superhero, and many other roles. She has been a part of the dream team for the company's eight years. During the weekdays, she may even be your princess' first-grade teacher.


Lauren plays our Sweet Dreams Princess, Ice Queen, and other roles. She has been one of the princesses a part of our Dream Team since the beginning. She spends her time as a Long Island teacher, helping little ones reach for the stars.


Haley plays our Winter Princess, Sea Princess, Golden Lock Princess along with many other roles. 


Haley will sing live at your party. 


Anna plays our Winter Princess, Golden Locks Princess, Big Bow Pop Star, and other roles. She has an enchanting sweet singing voice.

Anna can sing at your event!


Aileen plays our Golden Locks princess as well as Ice princess and other roles.

Aileen can sing live at your event.


Carmela portrays our Beauty Princess, Sea Princess, Garden Fairy as well as other characters. 


Carmela will sing live at your party.



Kristen plays our Beauty princess and with her lovely voice will sing live at your party.



Alicia plays our Arabian Princess and Native Princess.  

Alicia can sing live at your event!


Aaliyah is a perfect match for the role of the Polynesian Princess. She spends her free time creating beautiful art pieces.

Aaliyah can sing live at your event!

Anesha plays our Frog Princess and will sing live at your event.
Christine plays our Ice Queen, Pretty in Pink doll, and many other characters. 

Tiffany plays our Polynesian Princess and is so excited to head to your next Luau.

Tiffany can sing live at your event!

Nikki, measuring only 4'11" tall is perfect as our spunky Pixie Fairy and Wonderland Princess. In her free time, you can find this beautiful makeup artist on her gaming Livestream!